Maroon 5
She Will Be Loved
Drum Score

She Will Be LovedĀ is one of Maroon 5’s most popular songs. Drummer Ryan Dusick lays down a syncopated groove that changes ever so slightly throughout the song – sometimes playing a 4 or 2 bar pattern, at other times repeating the same bar over and over again. It’s a great track for working on syncopated eighth note bass drum.

Also of note is the song’s only drum fill. It’s repeated a a few times throughout the song, but it never varies and it fits the song perfectly.

Give it a go!

Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved – Drum Score

Green Day
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Drum Score

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is great song to work on with beginner drum students. Virtually everybody knows it and I haven’t come across a student that doesn’t like it.

The drum transcription presented here is a modified version to make it more suitable for beginners. The song features three basic eighth note grooves, fills that will prove useful in other songs and a slightly challenging bridge section. Restarting on the “&” of three after the bridge can also pose a problem for some students. To solve that problem, get the student to play that bar over and over again with a metronome while counting eighth notes out loud. Being able to start on the “&” of three is a must for any drummer.

This is often the first song I work on with students and all of them find it rewarding to be able to get through a popular song.

Give it a try!

Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Simplified) – Drum Score

Imagine Dragons
Drum Score

Trying to get a student to get their 16th note bass drum grooves consistent? Demons by Imagine Dragons is great song for working on a consistent 16th note bass drum pattern. The pattern doesn’t vary for almost the whole song. There are no fills to get distracted by. This allows students to really focus on nailing the groove.

The challenge is to make the groove as consistent as Daniel Platzman does. Students working on this song should record themselves practicing the groove and listen back to notice any inconsistencies. I recommend starting at a slow tempo (60bpm) and gradually building up speed, checking for any problems along the way.

Working on a famous song by one of the most popular bands in the world is a great way to motivate students.

Check it out!

Imagine Dragons – Demons – Drum Score

Billy Joel
Easy Money
Drum Score

Easy Money by Billy Joel features the great Liberty Devito on drums. Liberty Devito is a drummer that every drummer should study. Liberty has a rock solid time feel, plays exactly what the song needs, and is incredibly versatile; Billy Joel’s songs run through Rock, Pop, Funk, Motown, Jazz, Bossa Nova etc. Liberty played on almost all of them.

Easy Money is an album track from the Innocent Man album that is great fun to play. The verses move from a 4 on the snare Motown groove to a more regular 2 & 4 back beat groove. The chorus features a 2 bar syncopated pattern while the bridge has a half time feel. That’s a lot of grooves to nail down in one song!

Check out the score & have fun playing it!

Billy Joel – Easy Money

Phil Collins
Another Day In Paradise
Drum Score

Another Day In Paradise is a great song from Phil’s 1989 album, But Seriously. This song is an example of the “less is more” approach that Phil took to his drumming when he became a solo artist. No crashes, few fills, a two bar repeating drum pattern… not a lot happening here. What fills he does play are very memorable, very re-usable and will sound great in a lot of situations.

The whole song is built on a simple 2 bar 8th note rock beat pattern. The challenge of this song is to keep that 2 bar pattern correct throughout the song. The 9 bar bridge section flips the beat around and that can create a challenge to the concentration.

There is also a nice example of Phil’s musical drumming. After he sings “He pretends he can’t hear her” the kick drum goes missing on beat one – you can’t hear it! A good example of drums responding to the lyrical content of a song.

Check out the drum score below!

Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise-Drum Score