Phil Collins
Another Day In Paradise
Drum Score

Another Day In Paradise is a great song from Phil’s 1989 album, But Seriously. This song is an example of the “less is more” approach that Phil took to his drumming when he became a solo artist. No crashes, few fills, a two bar repeating drum pattern… not a lot happening here. What fills he does play are very memorable, very re-usable and will sound great in a lot of situations.

The whole song is built on a simple 2 bar 8th note rock beat pattern. The challenge of this song is to keep that 2 bar pattern correct throughout the song. The 9 bar bridge section flips the beat around and that can create a challenge to the concentration.

There is also a nice example of Phil’s musical drumming. After he sings “He pretends he can’t hear her” the kick drum goes missing on beat one – you can’t hear it! A good example of drums responding to the lyrical content of a song.

Check out the drum score below!

Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise-Drum Score