Free Stuff

Here’s a small sample of some of the worksheets from our beginner level and a few songs. You can use these sheets to get your students:

  • reading snare drum rhythms (and understanding note values)
  • working on hand dexterity
  • playing simple grooves
  • playing simple grooves with 4 way co-ordination
  • playing simple grooves with open hi-hats.
  • playing simple fills
  • playing simple songs.

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Reading Rhythms 1
(Whole, Half & Quarter Notes)
8th Note
Sticking Patterns 1
8th Note Rock Beats 1
Watch Video
8th Note Fills 1
Watch Video
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song
Reading Rhythms 2
(Quarters & Eighths)
Singles, Doubles &
Paradiddles 1
Hi-Hat Foot
Independence 1
(Two & Four 1)
8th Note Fills 2
(Short Fills)

Watch Video
One Republic
Stop & Stare
Reading Rhythms 3
(Quarter Note Rests)
Ultimate Drumset Warmup

Watch Video
Open Hi-Hats 1
(8th Note Hi-Hat 1)
Groove Fills 1Rainbow
Since You've Been Gone