Green Day
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Drum Score

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is great song to work on with beginner drum students. Virtually everybody knows it and I haven’t come across a student that doesn’t like it.

The drum transcription presented here is a modified version to make it more suitable for beginners. The song features three basic eighth note grooves, fills that will prove useful in other songs and a slightly challenging bridge section. Restarting on the “&” of three after the bridge can also pose a problem for some students. To solve that problem, get the student to play that bar over and over again with a metronome while counting eighth notes out loud. Being able to start on the “&” of three is a must for any drummer.

This is often the first song I work on with students and all of them find it rewarding to be able to get through a popular song.

Give it a try!

Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Simplified) – Drum Score