Drum Key

Drum Key

I use a fairly standard drum key throughout all the worksheets and transcriptions.

Here’s the drums:

Note that I have two ways of denoting ghost notes – either with the brackets ( ) or with a smaller notehead. I use whichever method is clearer for what I’m writing.

Here’s the cymbals:

The hi-hat is normally closed or tight by default, but occasionally we need other sounds from it such as “Trashy” & “Slightly Open”. Also there are a few times where it is clearer to write the Ride cymbal on the hi-hat line – especially when using the high tom and the ride cymbal together. So look out for directions like these:

If, for example, you see a direction saying “Trashy Hi-Hat”, then keep playing the trashy hi-hat until you see the next direction. Also on some of the worksheets you’ll see directions at the top saying “Play Ride Cymbal On All Exercises”. Please take note of such directions.